Tuesday, November 29

Sudani congratulates Morocco on winning over Belgium in the World Cup

Baghdad Prime Minister Mohammed Al-Sudani congratulated the Moroccan national football team for beating Belgium in the World Cup.Al-Sudani said in a tweet on Twitter: "We congratulate the deserved winning of the Moroccan national team over the Belgium national team in the World Cup competitions, wishing it more victories in the upcoming rounds."Source: National Iraqi News Agency

The arrest of one of the largest human organ dealers in Diyala

Baquba The Diyala Police Command announced the arrest of one of the largest human organs dealers.Spokesman for the Police Command, Brigadier-General Nihad Muhammad Hassan, said in a statement that one of the largest dealers in selling "kidneys" was arrested in a qualitative operation based on accurate intelligence information by the Diyala Intelligence Directorate, in coordination with the Anti-Human Trafficking Division of the Diyala Anti-Crime Division.He added that, through preliminary investigations, the merchant admitted that he had brought a number of people to the Kurdistan region for the purpose of selling their human organs. Source: National Iraqi News Agency

Health Ministry announces the weekly position of the Corona pandemic

Baghdad The Ministry of Health announced today, Monday, the weekly position of the Corona pandemic.The Ministry said in a statement that it "recorded 703 new infections with the Corona virus, within a week, one death, and 454 cases of recovery."It added, "The number of people who received the anti-Corona vaccine during the past week reached 20196."Source: National Iraqi News Agency

Drug trafficking gang arrested in Karbala

Karbala The Anti-narcotics detachments of the Holy Karbala Police Command arrested a gang of four people who traded with drugs.A police statement stated that after receiving a report about a gang dealing in narcotic substances, the Police Chief directed the follow-up of the case and the formation of a working team consisting of anti-drug detachments and the camp police station to begin collecting sufficient information and bringing the wanted persons to justice, where the team reached all the gang members, numbering four, and they were all arrested in their possession narcotics.Source: National Iraqi News Agency

The rise of the water reserves in Lake Al-Adhaim after the recent torrential rains

Baquba Al-Adhaim Lake in Diyala Governorate witnessed a rise in its water reserves to 300 million m3 after the recent water floods.A narrative source told the correspondent of the National Iraqi News Agency (NINA): "The flow of water torrents towards Al-Adhaim Lake, north of Baquba, contributed to the rise of the lake's water levels to 300 million m3 out of the total storage capacity of 400 million m3."He added: "Increasing the reservoirs of Al-Adhaim Lake will revive the agricultural and livestock sector and revive winter agricultural plans, especially in the areas near Al-Adhaim River Basin, which is an important tributary of the Tigris River."Al-Adhaim Lake is one of the large lakes north of Diyala and was established in order to reduce the risks of flooding Al-Adhaim River during the f...

Al-Hakim assures the Qatari ambassador of Iraq’s desire to open up to its regional and international surroundings

Baghdad The head of the National Wisdom Movement, Ammar al-Hakim, affirmed Iraq's desire to open up to its regional and international surroundings.A statement from his office said: "Today, Al-Hakim received the Qatari ambassador, Sheikh Khalid bin Hamad Al-Sulaiti, and they exchanged views on common issues, developments in the political situation in Iraq and the region, and relations between Iraq and the state of Qatar."Al-Hakim blessed the Qatari ambassador for hosting the World Cup and its impressive organization, appreciating Qatar's courageous stance in preserving our human, Islamic and Arab principles and values.On the Iraqi issue, Al-Hakim affirmed Iraq's desire to open up to its regional and international surroundings, noting: "The government has success factors represented by inter...