Friday, December 4
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29th Arab Summit Concludes in Saudi Arabia 2 Dhahran

During the closing session of the conference, Minister Plenipotentiary at the foreign ministry Dr. Abdulaziz bin Saqr read the Arab national security document to meet the common challenges. Following is its text:

We are the leaders of the Arab countries, in compliance with the principles of the objectives of the League of Arab States, the Treaty on Mutual Defense and Economic Cooperation and the resolutions of the Arab summits, and in accordance with the mechanisms of joint Arab action in various fields; and recalling the Seventh Arab Solidarity Charter of the Casablanca Summit of 1965, and the document of the covenant and the consensus and solidarity among the leaders of Arab countries issued by the summit of Tunisia in 2004, and the Sharm el-Sheikh Declaration in March 2015 on the maintenance of Arab national security in the face of the current challenges and in the light of the serious challenges and unprecedented threats to our Arab nation that are afflicting our countries, violating their sanctities and threatening their security and stability and convinced that Arab national security is an integral and indivisible unity, and recalling our authentic Arab values, our ancient cultural traditions, our compassionate middle faith, our diverse cultural heritage, and our rich social fabric and aware of the importance of strengthening Arab solidarity, which is now an urgent necessity to face common challenges and to maintain peace, security and stability in this region in accordance with the Charter of the League of Arab States and the Charter of the United Nations, we are determined to promote solidarity among our countries and coordinate their positions for a shared Arab vision, serving the highest interests of our countries and achieving security and stability for our peoples and respond to the aspirations of our nation towards development, prosperity and progress, and for that we have pledged at the summit level of the League of Arab States at its twenty ninth ordinary session held in Dammam, 15 April 2018 to work for the following:

Continue to provide necessary Arab support for the Palestinian cause, the central cause of our nation, to reach the establishment of an independent Palestinian state with East Jerusalem as its capital on the borders of June 4, 1967, in accordance with the relevant resolutions of international legitimacy and the Arab Peace Initiative and to achieve a just, lasting and comprehensive peace in the Middle East and stand united against all attempts to liquidate the Palestinian cause and judaize Al-Quds Al-Sharif and support the steadfastness of its people by all possible means.

Protect our nation against the imminent danger posed by terrorism and the violent development of our societies and values and work to support and develop Arab strategies and mechanisms in combating terrorism and maintaining Arab national security by all security, economic, social, cultural and intellectual means.

Be vigilant against the ideas surrounding our nation as a result of the regional ambitions and threats that occupy and violate the lands of the Arab states, target their capitals and their fabric, the fabric of their societies, their national identity and the sources of their peoples' lives and to act decisively against regional threats and interventions in Arab affairs.

Call upon the neighboring countries of the Arab region again to abide by the principles of good neighborliness and to respect the sovereignty, stability and territorial integrity of the Arab states.

Exert all efforts to preserve the Arab national state and preserve its sovereignty, unity and territorial integrity and to counter attempts to undermine its authority by the regional parties, their agents, parties and militias within the Arab states and renew the call to the regional parties to refrain from supplying these militias with weapons, equipment and funds to threaten the security and stability of the Arab states.

Commitment to strengthen Arab solidarity and affirm the right of any Arab country to maintain its security and stability, defend itself and provide the necessary support in accordance with Article 51 of the Charter of the United Nations and within the framework of international legitimacy and refrain from any action that would harm the supreme interests of the Arab nation.

Accelerate the pace of joint Arab action mechanisms in the economic, social and developmental fields and implement the Arab strategies in these areas, leading to the achievement of sustainable development throughout the Arab world.

Instruct the General Secretariat of the League of Arab States to follow up the implementation of the contents of this document in coordination with member states through the strategies and mechanisms in force in the Arab framework for joint action, including the Arab Peace Initiative Committee, Arab Economic Integration Mechanisms, Arab Counterterrorism Strategy, the Quartet Ministerial Committee concerned to follow up the developments of the crisis with Iran and ways to address its interference in the internal affairs of the Arab countries.

Then, Tunisian President Beji Kayed Sibsi welcomed hosting the 30th Arab Summit in his country.

The Secretary General of the League of Arab States announced that the summit had received three letters from the Presidents of the Russian Federation, the People's Republic of China and the Republic of France, expressing their wish for the success of the 29th Arab Summit, stressing readiness of their countries for further cooperation and coordination with the Arab countries to ensure security and stability in the region.

Then, the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques announced the closing of the Arab summit at its twenty ninth session (Jerusalem Summit).

Source: Saudi Press Agency