Friday, December 4
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Dhahran Declaration Issued 6 Dhahran

We reaffirm that Iraq's security, stability and territorial integrity are an important part of the Arab national security system. We stress our absolute support for Iraq in its efforts to eradicate terrorist gangs and we value the achievements of the Iraqi army in liberating other Iraqi provinces and regions.

We support the efforts aimed at restoring security to Iraq and achieving national reconciliation by activating a political process leading to justice and equality and a secure and stable Iraq.

We thank the efforts of the State of Kuwait in hosting the Iraq reconstruction conference. We also thank the countries contributing to the reconstruction and wish Iraq security, prosperity and progress in the framework of its Arab incubator, which we are meeting under its umbrella.

We stress the importance of supporting the Libyan legitimate institutions and support the four-way dialogue hosted by the League of Arab States, with the participation of the European Union, the African Union and the United Nations, as well as supporting efforts to reach an agreement that ends the crisis through national reconciliation in accordance with the "Skhirat" agreement and preserves Libya's territorial integrity and the cohesion of its social fabric.

We affirm our stand with the State of Libya in their efforts to defeat the terrorist gangs and eradicate the danger posed by their supporters to Libya and its neighbors.

We commit ourselves to creating the necessary means and devoting all necessary efforts to the elimination of terrorist gangs and the defeat of terrorists in all fields of military, security and intellectual confrontation, the continuation of the fight against terrorism and the elimination of its causes and the elimination of its supporters, organizers and sponsors at home and abroad such as Iran and its arms in the Middle East and Africa, Hoping that the free world will stand up to our support and support all of us to enjoy peace, security and development.

We emphasize our keenness to prevent the exploitation by terrorists of information technology and social media in recruitment, propaganda and dissemination of extremist thought and hatred that distort the image of the Islamic religion.

We strongly condemn the attempts to link terrorism and Islam. We call upon the international community represented by the United Nations to issue a unified definition of terrorism. Terrorism has no religion, no homeland and no identity. We call on the governments of all countries to shoulder their responsibilities to combat this dangerous scourge.

We deplore the distortion by some of the extremist groups in the world of the image of the true religion of Islam by linking it to terrorism, and warn that such attempts serve only terrorism itself.

We condemn the acts of terrorism, violence and human rights violations against the Muslim minority of the Rohingya in Myanmar. We call upon the international community to assume its responsibilities and to move effectively, diplomatically, legally and humanely to stop these violations and to hold the Government of Myanmar fully responsible.

We affirm the sovereignty of the United Arab Emirates over its three islands (Greater Tunb, Lesser Tunb and Abu Musa) and support all measures taken to restore its sovereignty over them. We call upon Iran to respond to the UAE initiative to find a peaceful solution to the issue of the three islands through direct negotiations or recourse to the International Court of Justice.

We affirm our full solidarity with our brothers in the Republic of the Sudan in order to safeguard the national sovereignty of the country and to consolidate efforts to consolidate peace, security and development.

We affirm our support for the efforts of the Arab States bordering the Red Sea to enhance security in it and in its international waterways as a cornerstone for regional and international peace and security.

We affirm our continued support for the Federal Republic of Somalia to spread security and stability, combat terrorism, rebuild and strengthen national institutions and meet economic and development challenges.

We affirm our continued support for the initiative of the National Dialogue of the Comoros and stand alongside the Republic of the Comoros to achieve the vision of reaching the ranks of emerging countries by 2030.

We support the efforts of Sudan, Somalia and the Comoros to benefit from the initiative of international financial institutions on heavily indebted countries.

We welcome the invitation of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia to establish the Arab Cultural Summit, hoping that it will contribute to the advancement of culture and enlightenment and to fuel the roots of the original Arab scientific and ethical values to catch up with the culture that the nation has been left behind by wars, strife and unrest.

We stress the importance of the role played by the Arab Parliament in the process of joint Arab action and support its carrying out the tasks entrusted to it to the fullest through initiatives that support the advancement of our nation in order to achieve greater prosperity and progress of the peoples of the region in line with the orientations of the League of Arab States in addition to enhancing its consultative role in order to achieve the desired future for sustainable development, creating opportunities and enshrining the values of justice, human rights, citizenship and equality to promote Arab identity and prevent disintegration or sectarian strife and unite the Arab ranks to serve the peoples of the region and achieve the aspirations of their countries.

We appreciate the efforts exerted by the Economic and Social Council in particular and the organizations and councils of the Arab League and its organizations in general in following up the decisions of the previous summits and implementing them with the aim of developing Arab economic cooperation, increasing trade exchange, strengthening and linking infrastructure in the fields of transport and energy, economic, regional and job opportunities for the Arab youth, and in this context we value the achievements made in the field of sustainable development, looking forward to the continued development of partnership with the private sector and create a stimulating investment environment capable of efforts to establish the Greater Arab Free Trade Zone and the Customs Union.

We express our sincere thanks and gratitude to the king, government and people of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia for their warm hospitality and perfect preparations for the summit. We express our sincere respect and appreciation to the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques King Salman Bin Abdul Aziz Al Saud for his wise management of the Summit and for his sincere efforts to support joint Arab action and enhance coordination and cooperation in order to serve the Arab world and address the challenges facing it.

Source: Saudi Press Agency