Monday, November 30
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Masari Calls On The EU To Participate In The Upcoming Elections As Observers

BAGHDAD, Secretary-General of al- Haq al-Watani (National Right), leader of the Iraqi decision coalition, MP Ahmad al-Masari called on Monday for the European Union to participate in the upcoming Iraqi parliamentary elections as observers.

A statement issued by his media office said that Al-Masari received on Sunday evening the Vice President of the European Union, Joseph Wiedenholzer and the accompanying delegation. The two sides also discussed ways to enhance cooperation between the Iraqi Council of Representatives and the European Parliament in the interest of the two parties, especially that Iraq is about to run for parliamentary elections on May 12.

Masari called on the European Parliament to participate in the upcoming elections as observers, because the upcoming electoral process needs to be carefully monitored to be in accordance with the public's directions.

"We will call on the Iraqi people to participate in the upcoming elections to make change, which we all seek to build the state and society on solid and correct bases away from any trends want to undermine them. "

Masari said: "Through our meetings and contact with the public, we found that there is a great understanding of the importance of the next phase and the need to desired change," noting that "this understanding came after their realization that the past phase adopted wrong policies negatively affected the Iraqi society and those policies and trends must be changed through active participation in the upcoming elections. "

He stressed that "the only solution is the civil state set out on the basis of citizenship in the administration of the state," noting that "the civil state would not come only through the right selection through the ballot boxes and then go to form a national majority government to correct tracks the political process and meet the rights of all components of the people Iraqi and away from the sectarian approach and the corruption. "

For his part, Vice President of the Parliament of the European Union, Wiedenholzer said that "the European Parliament will visit Iraq after the upcoming parliamentary elections," expressing "the readiness of the European Parliament to stand and support Iraq to promote it, especially in the work of the House of Representatives.

Source: National Iraqi News Agency