Monday, September 28
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The PMF And The Army Finish An Inspection Operation In Anbar Desert, Destroying Points Belonging To Daesh

BAGHDAD, The popular mobilization forces in Anbar province on Monday ended a search operation in the western desert of the province with the participation of the 1st Iraqi Army Division and the Air Force, from four main axes. The operation witnessed the discovery of a number of camps and remnants of Daesh.

"popular mobilization forces in Anbar province have launched a search operation in Western desert in a major security operation after liberation," said the commander of the popular mobilization of the western Anbar axis Qassim Musleh.

Musleh pointed out that "the process ended without losses to the forces of popular mobilization," asserting: "The popular mobilization will continue to pursue terrorists wherever they are."

The popular mobilization forces and the army carried out the process of clearing hundreds of kilometers, including Halqum and Qara areas and the desert, to ensure no return to Daesh in these areas and they found documents belonging to Daesh militants.

Source: National Iraqi News Agency