Sunday, September 27
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Aoun praises French president’s efforts at CEDRE Conference: Lebanon can only rise through reforms, corruption-fighting

The re-emergence of Lebanon will only take place with the economic, financial and social reforms it urgently needs," said President of the Republic, General Michel Aoun, in a letter addressed to his French counterpart, Emmanuel Macron, whereby he expressed appreciation for the efforts exerted by the latter to ensure the success of the CEDRE Conference.

Aoun uttered gratitude for "the French financial contribution which came in the form of donations and long-term loans that meet Lebanon's urgent needs and aim at launching this growth movement."

President Aoun relayed to his counterpart full confidence that "the French support for Lebanon will be as fruitful at the Brussels conference as it was at the Rome II Conference," adding that "it reflects the deep-rooted historic relations between our two countries."

He stressed that "the re-emergence of Lebanon will only take place with the achievement of economic, financial and social reforms urgently needed by the country, and which are in line with the final statement at the CEDRE Conference and with one of my main concerns, which is to fight corruption and its dangers. There is no doubt that bringing new blood to the House of Representatives with the upcoming parliamentary elections, and the formation of a new government, would contribute to these efforts."

President Aoun concluded his letter with an invitation to President Macron to visit Lebanon.

Source: National News Agency