Thursday, December 3
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Berri: Dialogue between Iran, KSA of paramount importance

Speaker of the House, Nabih Berri, on Thursday highlighted the substantial need for swift dialogue between the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and Iran.

"It is high time to open channels for this dialogue," Berri said in an interview with the Iranian News Agency IRNA, deeming regional developments, especially the most recent stances on al-Quds, the best opportunity to kick off dialogue between Iran and the KSA.

Touching on the impending Parliamentary elections in Lebanon, Berri said elections represented a station for renewing political life in any system in the world.

He added that elections in Lebanon must be a station to shape the future of the people and achieve their hopes through the ballot boxes, hoping that the approaching deadline would boost areas of democracy.

Moreover, Berri stressed that Lebanon's sovereign water and borders, as well as its wealth, were the subject of unprecedented national consensus.

"All the political forces are united against attempts to violate any of Lebanon's rights, especially the country's oil and gas rights," he added.

Berri finally reiterated the robust existing alliance between Amal Movement and Hezbollah.

"What brings Amal and Hezbollah together is not a mere sectarian matter. The relation between both political parties is based on principles that had been announced and declared by Hezbollah Secretary General, Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah, vis-a-vis responses to Israeli aggressions, fights against corruption, and commitment to the line of resistance," Berri explained.

Source: National News Agency