Thursday, December 3
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Hariri in Iqlim alKharroub

Prime Minister Saad Hariri started this afternoon a tour of the region of Iqlim al-Kharoub, accompanied by Minister Ghattas Khoury and Mr. Nader Hariri.

In all towns, large groups of citizens gathered to welcome him.

In Katermaya, Hariri addressed them saying: "This is a journey that we will complete together, God willing, and Katarmaya is the town of loyalty to Rafic Hariri and Saad Hariri, and it will express its loyalty on May 6 in the ballot boxes."

In Mazboud, he told the crowd: "I am with you as you are with me, and I will not leave you. On May 6th we will show them who the Future movement is and what the Iqlim is. This is the march of Rafic Hariri, this man who sacrificed himself to protect you and protect Lebanon, and I will continue on his path."

He then visited the house of businessman Samir Khatib in Mazboud, who hosted a luncheon in his honor, attended by MP Mohammed Hajjar, Egyptian Ambassador Nazih Naggari, UAE Ambassador Hamad Saeed Al Shamsi, Saudi Charge d'affaires Waleed Al-Bukhari and Director-General of General Security Abbas Ibrahim.

On this occasion, Khatib welcomed Prime Minister Hariri in Mazboud, praising his policies in stabilizing security and stability.

Hariri replied: "Rafic Hariri loved the Iqlim and its good people, this region which is full of diverse and large talents, and we are following his footsteps towards stability and economic advancement."

Hariri then visited the government buildings complex in the town of Chehim, where he was received by mayors, mukhtars and dignitaries of

the region. He also heard detailed explanations of the progress of the building and its contents.

He also visited the house of MP Hajjar in Chehim and listened to the demands of the region.

Hariri said: "We are going to show them on May 6 who we are, who the Future movement is, and what the love of Rafic Hariri is in your hearts.

Source: National News Agency