Monday, September 28
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Al-Jubouri affirms the need to rehabilitate schools to keep pace with education and knowledge

BAGHDAD Speaker of the Parliament Salim al-Jubouri stressed the need to rehabilitate schools in order to keep up with the education properly and enhance the knowledge.

This came during his meeting with a number of people from the areas of Latifiya and Mahmoodiya to view the reality of the services and the living of the region, and reviewed the problems such as municipal services, reconstruction of destroyed areas by Daesh terrorist organization and providing necessary services that would speed up the return of the displaced persons.

Al-Jubouri discussed, according to his office, the conditions of the educational process and the need to rehabilitate the schools in order to keep up with education properly and to enhance the cognitive aspect of the person because it is the real wealth of progress, pointing out that "the leaving the schools destroyed causes a loss for the future of thousands of students and the emergence of a generation hate the studying.

Source: National Iraqi News Agency