Friday, December 4
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Time Magazine chooses Al-Abadi as the world’s most influential figure in 2018

BAGHDAD Time Magazine chose Prime Minister Haidar al-Abadi as the world's most influential figure in the 2018 category.

"The Time wrote a report on Dr. Al-Abadi as he faced great difficulties when he became Prime Minister in September 2014 and with the occupation of three provinces and large areas of Iraq."

The Time said "on June 10, 2014, the date of the announcement of Daesh organization for control of the city of Mosul, Iraq's second largest city, at this time where thousands of soldiers fled the Iraqi army to survive their lives, and after 3 years his government defeated the Daesh organization by the Iraqi forces that were reorganized by Al-Abadi in order to liberate the city in the worst battles that took place within 9 months.

The Prime Minister, who himself chose the military Generals to lead the battle, supervised by himself and during his daily visit to the joint operations room on the battles being waged in the war field in the city of Mosul, it said, noting that Al-Abadi, the leader who heads a divided nation and army, to liberate the country in order to return it to the embrace of the country.

The newspaper pointed out that Al-Abadi has faced a challenge which is to awaken the national feeling and belonging to the homeland through the war on Daesh and remove the risk of sectarian bloodshed again in the country, and if he could achieve this, the victor will be Iraq.

Source: National Iraqi News Agency