Friday, December 4
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Abadi: We Must Work To Ensure The Situation Does Not Return To The Past

BAGHDADPrime Minister Haider al-Abadi stressed the importance of working for not to return the situation back and not to return of sectarianism and not to listen to the voices that do not want good to Iraq.

Abadi, during his speech at a large gathering of Anbar clans, and tribes, hailed their national stance against terrorist gangs, noting that the sacrifices of the heroes of our forces have won victory against Daesh gangs who wanted to return Iraq to prehistory.

"The greatest evidence of our unity is the blood that has come here on the ground," said Haider al-Abadi, added "When the Iraqis came to defend Iraq, they did not go for political ends but for their homeland."

He said "As we have achieved the miracle of victory, we will achieve the miracle of the second victory in building, prosperity, investment and job creation."

Source: National Iraqi News Agency