Friday, December 4
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Islamic international conferees call on Iran to desist from interference in Islamic countries affairs

Islamabad, The 3rd International Message of Islam conference, currently ongoing in the Pakistani city of Lahore, capital of Punjab enclave, called on Iran to desist from interference in Islamic countries affairs and stop arming and recruiting terrorist militias.

Participants in the conference, organized by the Pakistan Ulema Council Society, underscored the importance of unifying the Islamic world to combat terrorism and extremism and highlighted the importance of standing by the side of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia to protect the sacred places, topped by the two holy mosque as well as the blessed Al-Aqsa mosque in Palestine.

They denounced the repeated attacks perpetrated by the Houthi militias with ballistic missiles launched towards the Kingdom's territories, considering the act as an attack against the heart of the Islamic nation, as the Kingdom is home for the two holy mosques.

They called on the United Nations to take the necessary measures and observe the international order against the Houthi militias and their supporters.

They rejected U.S. president Trump's decision to transfer the U.S. embassy to Al-Quds.

Source: Saudi Press Agency