Monday, September 28
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Al-Abadi from Al-Madain: There are those who try to return the sectarian discourse for electoral and political purposes

Baghdad, Prime Minister Haider Abadi stressed that there are those who try to return the sectarian rhetoric for the purposes of electoral and political goals and corrupt."

The Head of the Victory Coalition praised the sacrifices and steadfastness of the people of Al-Madain district in the face of terrorism and their defense of the capital, Baghdad, and presented pictures of the bravery and their response to Mr. Sistani's fatwa that saved Iraq.

"We are in front of a new phase and a new way of victory, which is reconstruction, job opportunities, fulfillment of the viewers, the transition to welfare, investment, services and economic development," Al-Abadi said.

He added that "Iraq needs a new battle, a battle against corruption and corrupts, so we are facing a real test and a challenge to the corrupts who have multiple means to cover their actions." He called on all citizens and young men and women to unite and unite efforts for a real partnership in the next phase, noting that "just as everyone had a share in the victory there must be a share for every citizen in the economic construction of Iraq and the formation of a new image of the world of a victorious Iraq."

The head of the victory coalition also rejected the phenomenon of tearing pictures and electoral propaganda, pointing to the need not to be dragged behind this behavior and non-democratic violence to those who do not want the electoral process to be carried out correctly.

Source: National Iraqi News Agency