Thursday, December 3
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Allawi Discusses With The Russian Ambassador Developments In Iraq And The Region

BAGHDAD, Vice President of the Republic Iyad Allawi discussed with Maxim Maximov, Ambassador of the Russian Federation to Iraq, the developments in Iraq and the region.

During the meeting, the two sides discussed the importance of adopting the language of dialogue through a regional security and peace conference in the presence of Iran and Turkey as well as Ethiopia for dialogue on the dangers of the dam and blocking the water from Egypt and Sudan in order to reach satisfactory solutions to the current tension, just, comprehensive and lasting peace ".

The meeting also discussed the upcoming parliamentary elections and the importance of preserving their integrity and independence. The meeting affirmed that any external interference in the elections or their results will have negative and dangerous repercussions.

Allawi stressed the need to resolve the Syrian crisis according to the Geneva Declaration - 1 - and serves the unity of Syria and the safety of its people and achieve what its people aspires.

Allawi will send a written message to Russian President Vladimir Putin, including his vision of the situation in the Middle East and ways to enhance security and stability.

Source: National Iraqi News Agency