Friday, December 4
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Italian police seized arms shipment on their way to Spain

BAGHDAD, The Italian military police (Carabinieri) announced the seizure of a shipment of weapons on the border with Slovenia hidden in a truck heading to the Spanish city of Barcelona.

The police said in a statement that the elements of the border city of Gorizia" confiscated a large amount of weapons during a targeted search on the highway and activated the Interpol Protocol on international terrorism. "

The statement said that the "elements of the police (carabinieri) arrested a Bosnian citizen, 52 years old was driving a freight car coming from Slovenia and carrying Swiss paintings, inside which the seized weapons found hidden.

He explained that "preliminary investigations indicate that the final destination of the driver of the truck is the Spanish city of Barcelona on the basis of indicators found in the code inside the truck.

Source: National Iraqi News Agency