Wednesday, September 30
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The International Coalition announces the return of Kurdish fighters to participate in the operations against “Daesh”

BAGHDAD, Spokesman for the International Coalition Col. Ryan Dillon said that Kurdish fighters in the Syrian Democratic Forces were returning to fight against the terrorist organization "Daesh" after they stopped because of the battle of Afrin.

Kurdish fighters in Syrian democratic forces left the central Euphrates valley in February after Turkey launched attacks on Afrin.

The departure of Kurdish fighters in Syrian democratic forces has slowed the pace of operations in the last two pockets controlled by the terrorist organization near the Euphrates River.

The Coalition Spokesman welcomed the "return of some participants in the Syrian Democratic Forces to the central region of the Euphrates valley."

An additional combat force is returning to the Euphrates valley to tighten the siege further against the elements of a sympathetic organization," the Spokesman said.

Dillon did not reveal details of the number of returning fighters./End

Source: National Iraqi News Agency