Friday, December 4
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Aoun chairs Cabinet session: To avoid temptations that could affect voters’ decisions

President of the Republic, General Michel Aoun, chaired this Thursday a Cabinet session held at the Baabda Palace with 61 items on its agenda. President Aoun started his opening statement by paying tribute to the Armenian people and commending its steadfastness, courage and determination. His words came in commemoration of the Armenian genocide.

President Aoun then commented on the Arab summit held in Dhahran, stressing that he had maintained in his speech at the summit "the importance of Arab dialogue and that problems cannot be resolved except through dialogue."

He also underlined the issue of Jerusalem, noting that "the resolutions issued by the summit matched the Lebanese aspirations and included important paragraphs in support of Lebanon at the current stage."

President Aoun highlighted the important meetings he held on the sidelines of the summit. "Lebanon will host in January 2019 the Arab Summit for Economic Development in its fourth session."

Commenting on the upcoming parliamentary elections, the President expressed hope that "all the logistical preparations for these elections be completed," pointing out that "expatriates' voting begins tomorrow across Arab countries and Sunday across foreign States, and there will be direct follow-up to this balloting course."

"In my message yesterday, I alerted the citizens on the need to avoid temptations that could affect their decisions," Aoun uttered.

Following the President's statement, the Cabinet initiated discussion of the 61-item agenda, in the absence of Ministers Talal Erslan, Salim Jreissati, Nuhad Mashnouk, Moein Merehbi and Muhammad Kabbara.

Source: National News Agency