Sunday, September 27
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Aoun rejects UN, EU joint statement on displaced Syrians’ crisis

President of the Republic, Michel Aoun, on Thursday voiced rejection of the joint statement by the United Nations and the European Union issued yesterday at the Brussels conference on the displaced Syrians' crisis.

"The content of the joint statement by the UN and the EU contradicts the state's sovereignty and endangers Lebanon," President Aoun said in a statement released by the Presidency of the Republic.

Aoun rejected the content of the joint statement including phrases 'voluntary return,' 'temporary return,' 'will to stay,' and 'integration in the labor market' and other terms which contradict the Lebanese state's sovereignty and laws.

Aoun brought to attention that Lebanon has dealt with the Syrian displacement predicament on the basis of brotherly relations and humanitarian obligation, emphasizing that the only viable solution to the crisis was the safe and dignified return of the displaced Syrians "to the possible areas inside Syria... notably that many Syrian areas have become safe."

Aoun stressed that Lebanon adheres to a political solution in Syria and the restoration of stability in a way that preserves Syria's unity and ends the suffering of its people.

Source: National News Agency