Thursday, December 3
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Foreign Ministry announces expatriates’ voting kick off Friday

The Foreign Ministry announced in a statement on Thursday that "Lebanese expatriates' voting will be launched tomorrow Friday, April 27 at 6:00 am (Beirut time), in six Arab countries."

These countries are Egypt, Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates, Kuwait, Qatar and the Sultanate of Oman.

"The Cairo polls will be the first to open their doors to voters who have registered at the embassy, a historic first for Lebanon," the statement read.

The second stage of expatriates voting will be held Sunday, April 29, in 33 countries, in addition to the island of Guadeloupe. "The electoral process will be launched on Saturday at midnight, in Australia, and will end on Monday 30 at 8:00 am (Beirut time). The last polls to close will be those on the west coast of the United States," always according to the statement.

Source: National News Agency