Sunday, September 27
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Juan Hbeish says will not comply with Mashnouq summons over presenting ‘Keserwan Key’ to Hezbollah candidate

Head of Keserwan Municipalities' Union, Juan Hbeish, said he will not comply with a summons ordered against him by Interior Minister Nohad Mashnouq, after he had presented the symbolic "Keserwan key" to Hezbollah candidate to the legislative elections for Jbeil district, Hussein Zeaiter.

"I have already clarified that I did not have previous knowledge of the [award] and I was taken by surprise; but I did not make any reaction out of respect and to avoid undesired consequences," Hbeish said in a statement on Thursday.

"The issue has taken a political dimension amid electoral battles among the political parties and candidates," he added.

Earlier this week, Mashnouq asked Mount Lebanon governor to summon Hbeish over his move.

"As long as everything is clear now, I will not comply with the summons, and I wish you all success, Minister Mashnouq, with your electoral campaign," Hbeish said.

Hbeish said that he received today an invitation to the governor's office.

He indicated that he would pass by the governor's office "for a visit and a responsible follow-up.

Source: National News Agency