Wednesday, December 2
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Saudi Embassy holds ‘Muslim Scholars’ Forum in presence of Mufti Derian

Under the patronage of Lebanon's Grand Mufti Abdel Latif Derian, the Embassy of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia held on Thursday "Muslim Scholars' Forum" at the Embassy headquarters in Beirut, at the behest of Saudi Minister Plenipotentiary Charge d'Affaires, Walid Bukhari.

The Forum was attended by muftis of the various provinces in Lebanon, jurisprudence judges, and scores of mosques' preachers, imams and scholars.

Also attending had been the UAE Ambassador to Lebanon, Hamad al-Shamsi.

In his delivered word, Saudi Charge Charge d'Affaires Bukhari underlined the Embassy's unremitting support to every step or position that strengthens the bonds of the brotherly and historical relationship between the Saudi and Lebanese peoples.

"The Embassy also looks forward to achieving all what falls in the welfare of the two brotherly countries," Bukhari corroborated.

The Saudi Charge d'Affaires underlined the greatness of Islam as a religion of "mercy, peace, tolerance and ethics," highlighting that Saudi Arabia had been at the forefront of combating extremism and terrorism.

Bukhari said that terrorism takes religion as a cover for committing the most heinous crimes that distort Islam as a religion of mercy and love.

Mufti Derian, for his part, emphasized the duty to protect religion from the evils of violence and partition sought by the shady terrorists.

The Mufti hailed the Kingdom's relentless efforts to bolster the pride of the Arabs, cement religion unity, and anchoring stability.

Derian underlined the dire need to sturdily face up to the processes of transforming concepts into violent and deadly ideologies.

Source: National News Agency