Saturday, December 5
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A formal agreement between France and Germany on a joint fighter jet project

BAGHDAD, French Defense Minister Florence Barley and German Defense Minister Ursula von der Lien signed an agreement on Thursday in Berlin to launch a joint fighter jet project.

"The new system of air battles for the future of Europe is the cornerstone of the strategy of Paris and Berlin to ensure European sovereignty in defense," according to AFP.

The plane will replace by 2040 the two Eurofighter and Raffal planes, according to the "memorandum of intent" signed by the two Ministers nine months after the two capitals unveiled the project.

"The new system of air battles will revolutionize the pattern of fighting and our equipment and will provide more ambitious investments and innovations," she said at a joint press conference at the Berlin International Air Show. "It means more powerful and practical armies."

The new aircraft will be manufactured by Dassault and Airbus with a preference for the French company, according to the German Minister.

The new system of air battles is designed as a complete system that combines a new generation of combat aircraft, unmanned aerial vehicles, future cruise missiles and drone aircraft, "and will be linked to aircraft, satellites, the NATO system and a land and sea battle system.

Source: National Iraqi News Agency