Friday, September 18
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A Historic Summit brings together the two Koreas Presidents

BAGHDAD, A South Korean official unveiled the most important file discussed during the first summit meeting between South Korean President Mon Jie and North Korean leader Kim Jong-un on Friday.

Yon Young-chan said in a statement that the President and the leader held "serious and frank" talks on nuclear disarmament on the Korean Peninsula.

The two sides are preparing a joint statement, and the two leaders will announce it together when it is completed, the official said.

Kim's wife Rui Seoul-joe will join her husband and Mon during a dinner, Yon said.

The South Korean leader met the North Korean leader on Friday, exchanging smiles and shaking hands in the demilitarized zone, with the first summit of the two Koreas in more than a decade.

The summit comes weeks before a planned meeting between Kim and US President Donald Trump.

"Today we are at a starting point, setting a new history of peace, prosperity and inter-Korean relations," Kim said before starting with Mon and their top aides in the border village of Panmunjom.

A South Korean official said that Kim told Mon at their private meeting that he had come to the summit to end a history of conflict and had joked the North Korean leader with the South's president. "He regrets that he kept him awake because of late-night rocket tests."

The official said Kim told Mon he was ready to visit the Blue House in Seoul and would like to meet him at more frequent intervals in the future.

Source: National Iraqi News Agency