Thursday, December 3
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Matisse expects counter-Daesh efforts to push east Syria into a “new batch” in the coming days

BAGHDAD, US Defense Secretary Jim Matisse predicted that the efforts to combat Daesh organization in the east of Syria to "a new batch" in the coming days.

"You will see a new patch for counter-Daesh efforts in the central Euphrates Valley in the coming days and against the rest of the Khilafah area," Matisse told a Senate Armed Services Committee, referring to the area still under the organization's control.

Matisse said he also expected an intensification of operations against Daesh on the Iraqi side of the border.

US President Donald Trump announced last Tuesday that he wanted to withdraw US troops from Syria "relatively quickly" but not before completing its mission, adding that negotiations on the crisis there should be part of a larger agreement on Iran.

Source: National Iraqi News Agency