Monday, September 28
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Al-Hakim refuses intervention by any regional or international party in forming the next government

BAGHDAD, Head of the National Alliance / leader of the Wisdom Movement / Ammar al-Hakim rejected the intervention of any regional or international body in the formation of the next government.

Al-Hakim stressed in a statement by his media office "on the importance of the Iraqi decision in the formation of the next government, rejecting interference by any regional or international party in its composition because Iraq is a sovereign country, addressing" Embassy visitors in search of roles in the next phase, "do not count on one and trusted your people and your audience and options the people are critical, considering the Movement of Wisdom as the cornerstone and balance pillar of the next government. "

"He refused to form any failed formula in the next phase, again" the conditions of the Movement of Wisdom to the Prime Minister to provide a program of service according to the time limits.

He described the next stage "the stage of construction and reconstruction and the provision of services, indicating the end of the time of alignment and the stage of planning and work."

"He pointed to the importance of determining the priorities of the next government for political construction and economic, security, cultural and social construction in accordance with a comprehensive plan, pointing to" the need for a government to a national majority facing challenges in a initiative and decisiveness spirit . "

He called on "to make the second day of next May to win the choice of the best and fight corruption and extremism, stressing the selection of qualified campaign and the owners of achievements."

Source: National Iraqi News Agency