Monday, September 28
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Al-Jaafari: Since the outbreak of the problem in Syria, Iraq’s view was clear to refrain from military intervention and the need for political efforts to resolve this issue

BAGHDAD, Foreign Minister Ibrahim al-Jaafari said that since the outbreak of the problem in Syria, Iraq's view was clear and specific: to avoid military intervention, not to exert military pressure, and the need for political efforts to resolve this issue".

"Seven years have passed since the military intervention, the Syrian people offered more murder and displacement, and the strength of terrorism has increased," Jaafari told a press conference at the end of his participation in a conference sponsored by the European Union in the Belgian capital Brussels. "Let us focus on the solution. Political and aid to Syria and attention to reconstruction and construction. "

He added that the conference witnessed a wide participation and focused on the political solution and the need to stand by the Syrian people and the pursuit of terrorism. He pointed out that the conference came out with a decision to support Syria with $ 4,4 billion in 2018, in 2019, ($ 3,4 billion). Turkey will receive three billion dollars. The rest of the countries affected by terrorism, such as Iraq, Egypt, Lebanon and Jordan, will receive $ 1.2 billion.

"The conference is qualitative and important and constitutes a turning point in the way to deal with the Syrian file and is consistent with UN Resolution 2254, which emphasizes the political solution, especially as it was agreed to form a court to verify the party involved in the use of chemical and take appropriate action with it."

On the elections scheduled to be held in Iraq next month Al-Jaafari explained that Iraq has focused on the need for elections involving all Iraqis, even residents abroad, considering that this practice will reflect the bright face of the democratic process in Iraq. /End

Source: National Iraqi News Agency