Monday, September 28
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National Coalition: The forced displacement of Iraqi refugees is contrary to Human Rights and International Covenants

BAGHDAD, The forced displacement of Iraqi refugees from countries of asylum is contrary to the principles of human rights and international covenants," the National Coalition led by Iyad Allawi stressed.

The Coalition said in a press statement that it is following with great concern the tendency of some countries to implement the procedures for the return of Iraqi refugees whom applications for asylum rejected by countries of asylum.

It added: "Given the serious risks that threaten the lives of the deportees and their families and interests in accordance with the political instability and security in the country and the whole region, and the continuation of policies of eradication and cutting salaries, and not make any progress in the field of national reconciliation, in addition to the normalization of conditions in the regions and the fragility of the economic situation, this step is contrary to the principles of human rights and the values of human society and international covenants. "

It called on the world's countries to stop the policies of forced deportation and grant temporary residence visas to refugees in order to rectify their situation.

It also called on the Iraqi government to "prepare an integrated national program to receive them, in honor for the sacrifices of Iraq and its people in the face of global terrorism on behalf of the international community."

Source: National Iraqi News Agency