Monday, September 28
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Aoun meets UNIFIL Commander, says Israeli violations of disputed points to be discussed

President Michel Aoun met, at Baabda palace on Monday, with UNIFIL Head of Mission and Commander, Major General Michael Beary, over the bilateral cooperation between the international peacekeepers and the Lebanese army.

"This cooperation enhances border security and stability, and it contributes to the implementation of the UN Security Council resolution 1701, to which Lebanon is fully committed, while Israel continues to breach the Lebanese land, air, and maritime sovereignty," Aoun told his guest.

Also, the President renewed Lebanon's rejection of the enemy's construction of a concrete wall on Lebanese territories.

"The tripartite military committee will mull the violations in the 13 disputed points along the Blue Line," Aoun said.

He also highlighted the importance of maintaining good relations between the UNIFIL and the locals in their deployment regions.

"Lebanon backs the UNIFIL mandate renewal without any amendment to its mission or budget cut," Aoun added.

Source: National News Agency