Monday, September 28
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Syria’s Assad: Escalating aggression on Syria will enhance Syrians’ resolve to eliminate terrorism

Syrian President Bashar al-Assad received on Monday Chairman of Iranian Shura Council's Committee for Foreign Policy and National Security, Alaeddin Boroujerdi, and the accompanying delegation.

Talks during meeting dealt with situation in Syria and the important victories achieved against terrorism.

The two sides affirmed the joint will of Syria and Iran to continue to strengthen the strategic relations binding them together, including relations between the two countries' parliaments.

President al-Assad, for his part, said that the region in general is going through a phase of redrawing the entire international map, adding that the escalation of the aggression against Syria and the fact that hostile countries have shifted to a stage of direct aggression after the fiasco that has befallen their agents and tools will only increase the Syrians' determination to eliminate terrorism in all its forms, and uphold their sovereignty and their right to shape their own future.

President al-Assad underlined the importance of parliamentary relations in the exchange of experiences between countries at the grassroots level, not only at the political.

For his part, Boroujerdi affirmed that the project of the US and its allies and their tools in the region was defeated in Syria, indicating that the failure of the recent aggression underscores the solidity of the resistance axis and counterterrorism.

He stressed that Iran will remain, as it has always been, staunch in its support for Syria, vowing to keep up efforts aimed at achieving a political solution determined by the Syrians that preserves the unity and sovereignty of Syria.

Source: National News Agency