Thursday, November 26
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Laban: The Forthcoming Speech Of Religious Authority On The Choice Of Candidate Is The Last Chance To Save The Political Process

Baghdad, A member of the parliamentary legal committee MP for the National Alliance Sadik al-Laban said, "the upcoming speech of the religious authority on coming Friday on the selection of the candidate is the last chance to save the political process."

He added in a statement to the National Iraqi News Agency / NINA / "We expect the letter of the religious authority, as I warned on next Friday, and we hope to be clear and explicit of the people, in directing the conditions of the selection of deputies to the next parliament, especially the phrase of (experimenter should not be experimented) does it mean everyone or the corrupt only ? and if the guidance against only corrupt, we hope leaders to exclude those who have suspicions of corruption in compliance with the opinion of the religious authority.

"If it means everyone, I am the first to withdraw in respect to its opinion and in recognition of the national interest that the religious authority meant, as in the fatwa of Jihad against Daesh, which saved Iraq from terrorism and this guidance will save Iraq from corruption."

He pointed out that the forthcoming speech is the last chance to save the political process and will separate between those who choose Iraq and those who choose personal interests and corruption.

Source: National News Agency