Tuesday, September 29
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Security Official Calls To Implement A Combing Operation To Eliminate Daesh Remnants In Waqf Basin In Diyala

Baquba, Diyala, The security committee in Abu Saida district council in Diyala province called on the security forces to carry out pre-emptive operations to eliminate pockets of Daesh after the region witnessed security breaches in the past few days.

Awad al-Rubaie, chairman of the security committee, told the NINA correspondent that the cells of Daesh began to move to carry out their criminal plans within the Waqf Basin northeast of Baquba, which aims to destabilize security in the region, which have negative effects on the conduct of the electoral process.

He added that Mukheisa village within the Waqf Basin witnessed security violations in the past few days, including targeting an electoral center that resulted in the injury of a guard, in addition to targeting security patrols with improvised explosive devices, the latest of which resulted in the death of a policeman and the injury of an officer in the Interior Ministry intelligence. He called on the Supreme Security Forces to carry out a large combing operation to eliminate remnants of Daesh in the region.

Source: National News Agency