Sunday, September 27
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US Defense Secretary: We Will Not Leave Syria Until Peace Is Achieved

BAGHDAD, US Defense Secretary Jim Matisse said his country's troops would stay in Syria and Afghanistan in order to reach a diplomatic solution to the ongoing conflicts in the two countries.

"We do not want to withdraw simply before the peace negotiators win," Matisse said in a press statement about Syria, added "But it did not make it difficult to negotiate a peace agreement between the parties to the conflict there.

Matisse added that the United States and its allies were on the verge of a historic victory over Daesh organization, saying they did not want to leave Syria while still at war.

Matisse said he would meet later with UN envoy to Syria Staffan de Mistura "to see where the Geneva process has arrived and what we can do to help."

US President Donald Trump said last week he wanted to withdraw his country's troops from Syria very soon, but later expressed his desire to leave "a strong and lasting footprint."

Source: National News Agency