Friday, October 23
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McCron calls from Sydney for a new nuclear deal with Iran with three new points

BAGHDAD French President Emmanuel McCron called for a renegotiation of the nuclear deal with Iran, as tensions over Tehran's nuclear capabilities escalated.

"Regardless of President Donald Trump's decision on the deadline to withdraw from the agreement and impose new sanctions on Tehran on May 12 or keep it, a new agreement with Tehran must be negotiated," McCron told a news conference in Sydney.

"The agreement should be expanded to include three new key points: Iran's nuclear activity after the end of the current agreement in 2025, improvements in monitoring Iran's internal nuclear activity, and improved containment of Iranian activity in the Middle East, particularly in Iraq, Syria, Lebanon and Yemen."

"Trump looked positive about his proposal to reach a new agreement, while he also discussed it over the past few days with Iranian President Hassan Rowhani and Russian President Vladimir Putin," McCron said.

"There is a need for a broader agreement, no one wants a war in the region, and no one wants to escalate tensions with it," he said.

The 5 + 1 group, which includes the five permanent members of the Security Council plus Germany, reached an agreement in July 2015 to sign a comprehensive agreement with Iran that would end a 12-year crisis between the two sides.

The agreement calls for lifting sanctions imposed by the European Union, the United States and the United Nations on Iran in return for agreeing to impose long-term restrictions on its nuclear program.

Source: National Iraqi News Agency