Sunday, September 27
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Washington will work with Iraq and other countries to secure their borders from Daesh organization

BAGHDAD The United States will work with Iraq and other countries to secure its borders from Daesh organization, the US State Department said.

"Washington will work with Turkey, Israel, Jordan, Iraq and Lebanon to secure their borders from Daesh," US State Department Spokesman Heather Naewert said.

"Washington is going to get from regional partners and allies equal participation of human resources and material resources to stabilize the liberated territories," she said.

"The international coalition led by the United States and its allied groups have begun to liberate the last bastions of Daesh organization in Syria.

"The United States and the international coalition and with them (the Syrian Democratic Forces) are launching operations to liberate the last bastions in Damascus. This battle will be difficult, but the upper hand will be for us and our partners. We will defend the United States and defend the coalition and the partner forces in the event of an attack on them. "Asserting that the days of Daesh in Syria is nearing an end."

"Our country intends to strengthen the Geneva process, which is part of Resolution 2254 of the UN Security Council, as well as mobilizing international resources" to ensure humanitarian access to Syria, "she said.

"The United States is committed to achieving a political settlement, taking into account the will of the Syrians, including Arab Sunnis, Kurds, Christians, Turkmen and other minorities.

Source: National Iraqi News Agency