Sunday, September 27
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Al-Shamsi visits Press Syndicate: To establish best relations between Lebanon, UAE

President of the Lebanese Press Syndicate, Aouni Al-Kaaki, welcomed this Thursday the Emirati ambassador to Lebanon, Hamad Saeed Al-Shamsi, with talks featuring high on the prevailing political circumstances in the Arab countries and Lebanon.

"The Arab world needs a country like Lebanon, and Lebanon needs the Arab countries in return," Shamsi stressed, uttering his commitment to bringing viewpoints closer between the UAE, Lebanon and all the Arab countries.

"There is a minority that is trying to disrupt the relations between Lebanon and its Arab brothers, and it is important not to let this minority have any role or influence," the ambassador said, underlining "the directives of His Highness Sheikh Khalifa bin Zayed Al Nahyan to establish the best relations between the two countries and to provide all possible assistance to Lebanon and the Lebanese, including those living in the UAE.

Source: National News Agency