Sunday, September 27
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Berri: Let polls be referendum to prove that patriotism is not up for bargaining

Speaker of the Parliament, Nabih Berri, called for "heavy participation in the crucial upcoming elections, stressing the need to vote in favor of the Hope and Loyalty lists in order to defend the constants of unity and coexistence, establish the state of institutions and equal opportunities, fight corruption and preserve Lebanon's strength translated in the Army-People-Resistance formula."

He also upped calls to "turn the elections into a genuine referendum to prove that patriotism is neither a slogan, nor profits or gains, nor is it up for bargaining."

On the eve of the parliamentary elections, Speaker Berri addressed the Lebanese by saying "on this historic day in the life of Lebanon, be as Imam Sadr wanted you to be (...) great in your democracy as in your resistance."

Speaker Berri tackled the electoral process during his meeting with a popular delegation from the town of Burj Al Shamali in the presence of the President and members of the town's Municipal Council.

He also received a popular delegation from the town of Al-Humeiri in Tyre district.

Source: National News Agency