Tuesday, September 29
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Geagea in front of Hasbaya Marjeyoun delegation: For respecting rules of democratic competition

Lebanese Forces leader, Samir Geagea, on Thursday underlined the paramount importance of fully respecting the rules of democratic competition, saying the real wealth of Lebanon lies in democracy.

Geagea was speaking in the wake of his meeting with a delegation from Hasbaya-Marjayoun District, in the presence of the LF candidate running for the Orthodox seat in said District, Fadi Salameh.

Geagea branded the electoral battle in Hasbaya-Marjayoun as fine, given that the area enjoys real pluralism in all aspects, whether at the sectarian, partisan or ideological level.

Geagea maintained that the LF upholds a message of coexistence in the district of Hasbaya-Marjeyoun, saying: "We are present in the region to interact and cooperate with all sides for the sake of the district's development, rather than to challenge any side.

Source: National News Agency