Wednesday, December 2
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Mashnouk to Beiruti families: Real confrontation lies in heavy turnout

Minister of Interior and Municipalities, Nuhad Al-Mashnouk, said that "Beirut is not only a capital but also Lebanon's political, social and economic base."

"Beirut is an Arab city with all its history and the Iranians cannot put their hands on it as they did in Damascus, Baghdad and Sanaa. The political Wilayat Al-Faqih will be confronted by us for it is a threat to Lebanon overall and Beirut specifically," he said during his meetings this Thursday with Beiruti families.

"We are faced with two types of candidates, first is the list of Hezbollah which has 40 thousand votes, and the second is that of lost votes (...) that aim to divide the votes of the sons of Beirut," stressing that "the real confrontation lies is heavy turnout."

He praised "the role of [former] Premier Tamam Salam, who refused to form a list since political parties asked him not to (...) so as not to dissipate the votes of Beirutis. However, we did not succeed in convincing some candidates not to run either."

Mashnouk also commended the Paris Conference and PM Saad Hariri's wise policy which led to international confidence in Lebanon, stressing that "this policy will spare the country a social crisis as a result of unemployment, which has reached 32% of young people, which foreshadows a severe crisis. The Cedar conference will solve part of this problem with the beginning of implementation of major projects in Lebanon.

Source: National News Agency