Thursday, November 26
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Aoun meets with head of EU Election Observation Missions

President of the Republic, General Michel Aoun, said that the Lebanese voters on Sunday, May 6 elections will be casting their ballots in favor of the political choice they deem in the interest of their homeland.

President Aoun's words on Friday came during his meeting at the Baabda Palace with head of the European Union Election Observation Missions (EUEOMs), Elena Valenciano, along with a delegation of the European Parliament, led by Jose Ignacio Sala Franca, in the presence of EU Ambassador to Lebanon, Christina Lassen.

The Lebanese constituents will be voting on Sunday for their representatives at the Parliament in accordance with the proportional- based law for the first time in the history of the Lebanese political life.

"Voting is for the political choice.. and the preferential vote determines citizens' top favored candidate on electoral lists," Aoun said.

The President also highlighted the success of the recent expats voting operation abroad.

On the other hand, Aoun pointed out that in view of the differences between Lebanon, the European Union and the United Nations over the issue of the displaced Syrians, Lebanon will attempt to seek refugee solution autonomously.

At the beginning of the meeting, Valenciano briefed the President on the work of the mission observers, saying they are eager to observe the course of the last phase of the electoral process in Lebanon.

"They [Mission members] are pleased to be here, as witnesses and friends of Lebanon and the Lebanese," Valenciano corroborated.

Valenciano said they have witnessed so far the keenness of the various political parties and citizens to conduct the electoral process in an excellent manner, noting that the first phase of the elections was successful.

Valenciano said that 132 European observers will be deployed on Sunday in all Lebanese regions to follow up the electoral process and record their observations in preparation for a detailed report.

Sala Franca, for his part, said that the European parliamentarians are distinguished partners for Lebanon "sharing same values and same democratic concerns."

He also expressed deep satisfaction regarding the course of matters, despite the difficult circumstances surrounding the country.

Later, Aoun received former Minister Chakib Kortbawi with whom he conducted a tour d'horizon bearing on the general situation.

Source: National News Agency