Tuesday, September 29
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Hariri calls for Future movement mobilization on Sunday

The President of the Council of Ministers Saad Hariri performed the Friday prayer at Abdul Rahman bin Awf Mosque in Ras al-Nabeh, in the presence of Grand Mufti Sheikh Abdel Latif Derian and a number of sheikhs and worshipers.

The Director-General of the Islamic Awqaf, Sheikh Mohammed Anis Al-Arwadi, delivered the Friday sermon, stressing the qualities of Premier Hariri

Hariri then headed to Sakiyet al-Janzir, where he was greeted by a large crowd. He addressed them saying:

This is a call from the heart of Beirut to all of Lebanon, to all those who love Rafic Hariri, a call from Saad Hariri to the most precious people in Beirut, to my family and to every family in Beirut. On Sunday, the decision is yours, the dignity of Beirut is not for sale. Beirut will vote on Sunday for the Future movement list, for Rafic Hariri and for your son Saad Hariri, because it is Beirut's voice, and it cannot be given to those accused of the assassination of Rafic Hariri.

This is a call from the heart of Beirut, to the most loyal people in Tripoli, Minie, Denniye and Akkar. The flood of love and loyalty I have seen will always remain in my heart. On Sunday, your voice will be the biggest response to Bashar al-Assad's orders to vote against the Future movement.

A call from the heart of Beirut, to the loyal Bekaa. The list of Bashar in the Western Bekaa and Rashaya, and the yellow lists, in Central Bekaa, Arsal and Baalbek, want to revive the Era or the Syrian intelligence in Anjar. Your voice is the answer to the challenge. The voice of the Bekaa cannot be sold, to Bashar, Ali Mamluk, and the Saraya of Hezbollah.

An appeal from Saad Hariri to the families and beloved people of Sidon, Iqlim, Arkoub. Sunday is the day of the Future movement. Your voices are a responde to the attempts to eliminate the history of Rafic Hariri.

Sunday is mobilization day for the Future movement. The voices of Tripoli, Minie and Denniye, the voices of Akkar, Koura, Zgharta, Batroun, Sidon, the voices of Central Bekaa, Arsal and Baalbek, the voices of Beirut, our beloved Beirut, our capital Beirut, all voices will go as one voice to Rafic Hariri.

One voice for our dignity, our existence, our decision, our Arabism and our identity. One voice for the Blue giant.

Source: National News Agency