Tuesday, September 29
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Sarraf: Election preparations completed

National Defense Minister, Yaacoub Sarraf, announced Friday in a communique the completion of preparations for the parliamentary elections scheduled for May 6.

"All the institutions affiliated to the Ministry have made all the necessary arrangements and procedures in coordination with the Ministry of Interior in organizing the electoral process and providing a safe environment for citizens to cast their votes on May 6 in all the Lebanese regions," Sarraf said.

"The necessary logistic and security preparations to keep pace with the elections, which represent a new achievement for our homeland, have been completed," Sarraf added, stressing "the importance of the armed forces' role in ensuring the safety of citizens and the functioning of the democratic process."

Sarraf gave his instructions to the military court "to stay in full readiness and to be present in their workplace to take appropriate measures in the event of any violation."

He also called on the citizens "to contribute to the success of this unique democratic process, which contributes to the stability of Lebanon, in light of the crises that surround our country, through the adherence to instructions, objectivity, vigilance and cooperation."

Finally, Sarraf urged citizens not to be dragged into provocations that would obstruct the democratic process.

Source: National News Agency