Wednesday, September 30
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Abadi: Iraqi Unity Defeated The Attempts To Divide The Country

BAGHDAD, Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi said that Iraqi unity has won the attempts to divide, which has failed and diversity remains a source of strength, pride and respect.

"Without voluntary action, we would not be able to achieve the Iraqi miracle and the great victory that our heroic fighters have consistently insisted on sacrificing," Abadi said during his attendance at the TEDEX Youth Forum in Baghdad this morning.

He added that Iraq has risen and will be the source of light for the region and the world and on this land creativity, word, writing and crafts were born and the Iraqis, who made the first civilization of humanity, are able to build a new civilization with their unity and courage and youth awareness.

Al-Abadi briefed a number of talented youth activities and their creative activities, praising their high spirit and their great drive to serve their country, thanking the TEDKS youth organization for their efforts and volunteer work. "

Source: National Iraqi News Agency