Tuesday, December 1
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Faisal Karami thanks Tripoli residents for their votes

Karameh Movement" leader, Former Minister, Faisal Karami, thanked in a statement on Monday the people of Tripoli who gave him his vote in yesterday's parliamentary elections "for their sincere stance which rejected extremism."

"The people of Tripoli have handed us a big responsibility; Tripoli has proven that it has had enough of extremism, and that's why it has opted for moderation," Karami said in a statement.

Moreover, the newly elected lawmaker said that Lebanon was heading towards bankruptcy, and that it could no longer tolerate more debts.

"I will be in a place that restores the rights of our people," he pledged.

He also said that Marada Movement leader Sleiman Franjieh had contacted him "to join him on the same political front."

"I will be by his [Franjieh] side until the end, because he has always been on my side and vice-versa.

Source: National News Agency