Sunday, September 27
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The Electoral Commission: We Have Secret Procedures To Face Any Emergency On The Day Of The Ballot

BAGHDAD, The Electoral Commission reassured voters, political partners and international observers of the reliability the system of electronic devices approved for the elections of the Iraqi Council of Representatives 2018, scheduled for Saturday.

The head of the electoral administration, Riad Badran, said in an interview with the National Iraqi News Agency (NINA), that "all technical tests of the electronic equipment system at the level of the provinces of Iraq will be completed on Tuesday," noting that "the Commission conducted three technical experiments at the level of Iraq and in the fourth experiment was at parliament building, where the number of electronic devices more than 22500 thousand devices.

He added that "all practical technical experiments proved the reliability and accuracy of the electronic system of the terminal equipment, in terms of matching the visas and the number of ballot papers with the number of voters and the matching of information and barcode numbers in several verification with the electronic device and output results," noting that "the results of tests were accurate 100% with the output of the device from the paper sheet and the electronic discharge transmitted via two USB, and s d ram attached to the device.

Al-Badran added, "We assure all partners, voters and local and international observers of the reliability of the work of the electronic equipment system, with the Commission taking all the necessary measures to ensure the voting process and send the results and fully audited." He pointed out that "the Commission took all precautions to face any emergency in the work of electronic devices and the carrier, as well as the existence of the original ballot papers that will be closed and locked in the stores under the supervision of the security services.

Source: National Iraqi News Agency