Wednesday, October 28
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Yemeni intellectuals warn of political machinations

Aden, Two Yemeni intellectuals have warned of the danger of the Iranian project based on the policy of minimizing the results of the national project, on which agreed political and community forces in Yemen, by working to feed the differences between those components and forces in Yemen lining up to confront the project of Iran and its proxies topped by Iran's backed Houthi coup militias , as well as warning scholars and intellectuals of the danger of going to battlefields and disagreement again, and forgetting the enemy lined against the security of Yemen and harbors evil for the region.

Adviser to the Yemeni Ministry of Culture, Mohammed Mahdi, said that the lessons that happened to Yemenis and political forces during the previous period are enough for them to return to their senses, and give up for each other.

He added, "There is no Yemeni home which has not suffered and still suffering from killing or arrest, hunger, poverty and the spread of epidemics because of the actions of the Houthi coup militias," pointing out that the treatment is that Yemeni citizens and political forces should surpass personal and partisan interests and talk about the interest of greater Yemen, and go to harmony to build a new Yemen".

Mahdi stressed that Al-Houthi's Iranian coupist militias were able to control parts of the country only when there were political motivations that caused their differences led them to forget there are major projects being hatched against their homeland, targeting their religion, culture, civilization and wealth.

For his part, the professor of jurisprudence and its origins at the University of Aden, a member of the program of communication with the scholars of Yemen, Sheikh Anwar Aref al-Adeni, said that Yemen was living in peace despite different doctrines, but the interference of the Iranian regime has corrupted this harmony and reconciliation, which prevailed after having ordered its arm in Yemen, the Houthi terrorist coup, to overturn the legitimacy, stressing that Yemen after the intervention of the Arab Coalition for Supporting the legitimacy in Yemen under the leadership of the Kingdom Saudi Arabia, returned it to its Arab and Islamic identity and stopped the Iranian foreign agendas irreversibly.

Source: Saudi Press Agency