Tuesday, September 29
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Riachy partakes in Arab Information Ministers’ meeting in Cairo: Arabs did not plant anything to harvest

Information Minister Melhem Riachy on Wednesday stressed in a word he delivered during the Arab Information Ministers' Arab League meeting in Cairo that everything in life has its time. "There is a time to plant, and there is a time to harvest," Riachy said.

The Minister pointed out that knowledge, communication, and dialogue were an Arab media strategy to abolish terrorism, so as not to alter the genuine status of the peoples of the region and allow terrorists to take their place.

Riachy went on to pay tribute "to this conference, which at least continues to take place." However, the Minister regretted the absence of purpose, strategy, as well as the absence of a cause.

"Our Holy Bible says there is a time to plant and a time to harvest; a time for a storm, and a time for the sun; a time for the night and a time for the day. But, my dear gentlemen, we do not plant to harvest, neither do we harvest at the time of planting," the Minister said in remorse.

"Therefore, my fellow gentlemen, in Lebanon, we stand at the threshold of change at the Ministry of Information; we have planned a structural uprising at the Ministry of Information to render it a Ministry of Communication and Dialogue. Beirut shall restore its natural role being your city and your capital," Riachy added, wondering why Arabs should opt for Sochi, Geneva, or Astana in the presence of Beirut.

Riachy finally invited his Arab counterparts to form a ministerial committee and to task it to set up an Arab media strategy that would work on three main axes:

- Knowledge to combat hunger.

- Communication to combat ignorance.

- A dialogue that involves young people so as to prevent them from migrating.

It is to note that Minister Riachy had taken part in the Arab Information Ministers' meeting with an accompanying delegation that included Lebanese Ambassador to Egypt, Ali Halabi, Director of the National News Agency, Laure Sleiman, the Minister's TV advisor Antoine Eid, and his Secretary, Awwad Tabet.

Source: National News Agency