Saturday, December 5
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STL Trial Chamber orders resumption of hearings on Monday 14 May 2018

The Trial Chamber of the Special Tribunal for Lebanon (STL) issued yesterday a Scheduling Order in which it ordered the hearings in the Ayyash et al. case to resume on Monday 14 May 2018.

The Judges will hear the evidence of Professor Siegfried Ludwig Sporer, an expert witness for the Accused Mr Hussein Hassan Oneissi. The Trial Chamber had intended to schedule his testimony from Tuesday 17 April 2018. However, an unsuccessful application by the Oneissi Defence, filed on 13 April under Rule 25 (A) to disqualify the three Trial Chamber judges, resulted in the suspension of the trial proceedings and a number of resulting scheduling complications. At that time, the Trial Chamber had also intended to call for itself, under Rule 165 of the Special Tribunal's Rules of Procedure and Evidence, a former Prosecution Chief of Investigations, Mr Michael Taylor, to testify in the week of Monday 23 April. Mr Michael Taylor will now testify at a date to be determined later by the Trial Chamber, as mentioned in the Scheduling Order. The scheduling order also noted that the Trial Chamber awaits better information on the scope of the testimony of its second intended witness, Mr Jamil El-Sayyed.

Source: National News Agency