Tuesday, September 29
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Aoun welcomes delegation of Council of Eastern Churches: Israel’s policy exodus of Christians, Muslims

President of the Republic, Michel Aoun, said on Thursday that preserving Christian presence in the eastern world would only happen through the encouragement of moderate Islam.

Speaking before a delegation representing the Council of Churches of the Middle East, Aoun said that cleansing began in Israel and not in the Arab countries.

How many Christians left Israel and how many of them stayed in Jerusalem? Aoun wondered, adding that Israel has been pursuing a policy of exodus not only against Palestinians and Muslims, but also against Christians.

The President then said that the aggression against Christians affected all the countries of the world, and not only the Orient. "However, the Orient is an essential symbol because it is the starting point of Christians," he said.

However, Aoun deemed the situation of Christians in Lebanon as the best among the countries in the region, but he also emphasized the danger posed by the Syrian refugee crisis on Christians, especially as the United Nations insisted on linking the refugees' return to their homeland pending a political solution to the Syrian crisis.

Source: National News Agency