Tuesday, December 1
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Berri meets al-Shamsi and Bukhari

Speaker of the House, Nabih Berri, met today at Ain Al-Tineh, with UAE Ambassador to Lebanon Hamad Saeed Al Shamsi and Saudi Charge d'Affaires, Walid Bukhari, who congratulated him on the parliamentary elections.

Discussions also touched on the latest development of bilateral relations.

"We extended our congratulations to the House Speaker and we discussed with him the means to bolster the bilateral ties," Bukhari said to reporters following the meeting; he made no further comments.

Afterwards, Berri respectively met with newly-elected lawmaker Jean Talouzian, and Iraqi Ambassador to Lebanon Ali al-Amiri.

The Speaker later welcomed Head of the National Dialogue Party, newly-elected Deputy Fouad Makhzoumi.

"Berri is our candidate to the speakership," Makhzoumi maintained.

"As to the parliamentary blocs, we will wait to see the project that is closest to us in Beirut," he added.

On the premiership, he said: "Prime Minister Saad Hariri won the biggest Sunni bloc; I expect that President Michel Aoun and Hezbollah will suggest his name, and we will back Hariri. However, since he is not the sole representative of Sunnis, then the rest of figures must be given their role in expressing their opinion on the government lineup."

Separately, Berri sent a cable to the Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas, upon his reelection on top of the Palestinian Authority.

He also received a cable from the head of Hamas Movement's politburo Ismail Haniyeh.

Source: National News Agency