Monday, September 21
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Franjieh confers with newly elected MP’s Khazen, Samad over parliamentary bloc formation

Al-Maradah Movement indicated in an issued statement on Saturday that in preparation for its parliamentary bloc formation, the Movement Chief Sleiman Franjieh met at his residence in Bnichi'i with newly elected Deputy Farid Haikal al-Khazen, with talks touching on the latest developments.

Following the meeting, al-Khazen confirmed his support for Franjieh's "national march," stressing "constant mutual cooperation and solidarity."

"MP Franjieh briefed us on the deliberations underway to form a parliamentary bloc, which will soon see the light. This gathering is perhaps one of few in the country not characterized by sectarianism," said al-Khazen.

"A balanced bloc with an effective national presence will be formed, which will work on the unity of Lebanon, bringing political forces closer together to serve Lebanon's national interests," he added.

The Maradah statement also indicated that Franjieh met in the same context with newly elected MP Jihad al-Samad, with current developments and the issue of forming a broad parliamentary bloc topping their discussion.

Source: National News Agency